Laaleen Sukhera

Laaleen Sukhera is a writer, editor and communications and media consultant based in Lahore, Pakistan, and the founder of the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan. She has appeared in 1843 (UK), the BBC (World Service & BBC 100 Women), NewsTalk (Ireland), National Public Radio (NPR in USA), Sky Arts (UK), The Times (UK), and Vanity Fair Italia (Italy). On the occasion of Ms Austen’s bicentennial death anniversary, she was quoted in The Atlantic and The Economist as an authority on the subject. She has appeared as a panelist and speaker at literary events and on television in various countries. Earlier in her career, Laaleen worked as a series coordinator and interviewer for an award nominated British documentary, as a field producer and advertising executive in New York, and in Pakistan as a TV producer and director in Lahore and a public relations consultant in Islamabad. Laaleen earned a BA (High Honours) in Screen Studies and Communication & Culture and an MSc in Professional Communications from Clark University in Massachusetts.